It was by sheer chance that I was introduced to Spartakos by a good friend, but from the first meeting with him, I realised it would become a life changing experience, physically and mentally.

It was a wake-up call for me, because up until then I thought I had been leading a healthy lifestyle, until he pointed out to me that the so called «health foods» that we are programmed into eating nowadays, can in fact do us more harm than good. When I first started with his eating programme, in all honesty I thought it would be tough cutting out lives little pleasures (otherwise cravings) when in fact to my great surprise its been the total opposite, introducing me to new flavours and tastes I never knew existed and all done naturally!

How I had managed to live for so long without those incredible juices?!

On a personal note, I would like to thank both Spartakos and Dionysia for helping me to see life on a different scale, it has been a privilege to have met them, as they have been an inspiration in my life, as in today’s complicated world it is so refreshing to meet fellow Human Beings who hold so much respect for Mother Earth and all that she offers us “for free”.

I just hope that others are as fortunate as me, to get the opportunity to cross paths with Spartakos at sometime in their lives, and that they benefit as much as I have through this wonderful experience.

God bless you both, and keep on producing your positive energy!

Love Renee Zounis